Maria Duval in person

March 18, 2009 - 2 Responses

Scroll the website for Maria Duval and you are bound to come across fraud watchdogs, fraud protection groups or organizations cautioning about responding to Maria Duval offers. Some caution about receiving letters or advertisement from Maria Duval offering to solve their problems and fulfilling their wishes for FREE OF CHARGE.
Some says the people behind Astroforce are behind the scams, some says a company Harmonie Ltd based in Hong Kong is the culprit. Anyway if you look carefully, most of the post or warnings are outdated….1994, 2002 etc.

Whether or not such claims exist back then, I know that Maria Duval as a person sincerely helps those who are in need. I recently chance upon some recent photos of Maria Duval taken from recent press conferences. Would Maria Duval appear in person giving press interviews if she is a scam? I see pictures of a kind and serene person instead. Judge for yourself….




Maria Duval locating missing people

January 23, 2009 - Leave a Response

Few years ago I used to love to watch this program over at Discovery Channel. I don’t remember the program name but I think it’s Psychic Witness. The program features every week different psychic who have helped the police in locating missing people. The story line usually goes that psychic help is usually seek when families becomes very desperate when police fail to make any headway in locating people who have been reporting missing. 

Often dismissed as mumbo jumbo or scams by the police, these psychics eventully win the trust of the police with their amazing and accurate abilities in locating missing people. The investigators are normally blown away on the accuracy of the location given by the psychic where the missing person can be found. Sometimes they are found alive, but more often dead.

The one thing that stuck me many times were most of the psychic almost experience the same thing… they feel the terror of the person before their life is snuff out of them. Often the psychics feels exhausted and painful after a seance. 

Maria Duval has also been credited of locating several missing people. Below is what I have managed to find from the archives.  Among them were Mrs Guibourg from Saint Tropez whose husband has engaged Maria Duval’s help after police failed to locate her. Maria Duval used her pendulum to determine the exact spot as according to the article that I have found.  


Here’s another’s proof of Maria Duval work in 1977. She helped to locate a 79 year old man.


With this please do not dismissed psychics as scams. Maria Duval does indeed have clairvoyant abilities.

Happy New Year

January 13, 2009 - Leave a Response

Happy New Year!


My Grand Luck chart from Maria Duval for this year states among them that I will benefit from an unusual piece of luck and will probably manifest itself most in the area of my social life. I will probably play a role in a totally unexpected event and play it so well that my place in society is going to improved significantly. It will be a question of talent recognised and responsibilities entrusted or sign a contract that will lead to the fulfilment of a project.

Over the next few days from Jan 20 onwards Maria Duval said I will experience some pleasant moments. These are past events that will make their mark on my love life as a whole. I will also feel like concentrating on my family environment to make it more beatiful and comfortable. 

Already I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and very excited to opportunities that are in store for me. As what Maria Duval said, have courage, set your heart on what you want, don’t doubt yourself, follow your intuition and you’re will be surprised by your courage and results obtained. Without helping yourself, do not expect luck to just fall onto your lap. When nothing happens to not blame the astrologer as scammers for over promising.

Susan Miller

December 12, 2008 - Leave a Response

smBesides Maria Duval I’ve been a follower of Susan Miller for the last 2 years. I first heard of Susan from a friend of mine who swears that her prediction is very accurate. So much so that he will only sign important documents on the dates that she said are beneficiary.

I was sceptical but after just 2 months of her prediction on my star sign Cancer, I too swear by her! Susan Miller has received worldwide acclaim for her accurate, comprehensive monthly forecasts on Astrology Zone.

For this month I may have difficulties travelling in mid month. I was booked for a trip to Bangkok but with the recent unrest there I’m holding off the travel till stability returns to the country. And I should also be shopping early for christmas… Oh no….

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in this coming 2009. I’m also awaiting the 3 months prediction from Maria Duval. This is all so exciting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…


Maria Duval Talisman

November 28, 2008 - One Response

A couple of years ago I was given a very beautiful golden talisman from Maria Duval. I kept the magnitized talisman in a section of my purse for both protection and luck.

talisman-15I have not misused the talisman by bringing along for lottos or playing the Powerball. I’m not out for riches. I do not expect a talisman to suddenly bring me millions and millions of dollars. When I said ‘luck’ I was not referring to winning millions.

Since having the Maria Duval talisman in my possession I’ve been extremely lucky. I am blessed with a good job, one that offers me the job security and many more opportunities for advancement. I earn good money to be able to afford a nice cosy house, a car, some savings and to go for vacations twice a year. My family is happy. My relationship with my boyfriend is progressing well. I have good relationships with my siblings, co-workers and friends. I’m in good health. 

When Maria Duval offered the talisman to me, she said changes awaits me in the future and my dearest wishes will come true.  Whether it’s coincidental or not, Maria Duval talisman has indeed progressively bought me a life of great changes in this last 3 years.


Being happy and contented with life is definitely worth a million times more than winning millions. Be realistic with your wishes and you will get it what you want. Expect heaven then do not say it’s a scam when you don’t get it.

Not all psychics are scams

November 21, 2008 - Leave a Response


Why must people always associate psychics with scams? Mention Sara Freder-scam! Mention Maria Duval-scam! Mention Angela Curtis-scam! Do not associate all psychics, clairvoyants as mumbo-jumbos.

While I’m not saying that there are no organizations out there who are using this psychic scams method to ruin the very good names of these gifted people, not everyone is fake. Some have gone into the field for money, others for glory, and a rather small number because they are truly called and want to help others.

So what if some money is involved. Psychics need to survive as well and to continue to offer their services to those in need. Have you given a thought on how they are going to pay for their phone bills for those phone sessions with you, maintenance of their websites, FEDEX bills for sending over books and readings? Otherwise I would never be able to continue to receive their guidance.

hand-heart2I have the good faith of personally crossing path with several psychics and I’ve chosen to be a follower of Susan Miller and Maria Duval. In time to come I will reveal more of my encounter with various psychics, clairvoyants and Maria Duval.

I’m not dependent on psychics to run my life or been taken advantage of, but I’m just a true believer of what the spiritual world can offer. I combined this to my daily life to take advantage to live a very fulfilled and happy life. One can avoid scams with some intiution and logical thinking.

Meanwhile have a blessed day fill with happiness…