Not all psychics are scams


Why must people always associate psychics with scams? Mention Sara Freder-scam! Mention Maria Duval-scam! Mention Angela Curtis-scam! Do not associate all psychics, clairvoyants as mumbo-jumbos.

While I’m not saying that there are no organizations out there who are using this psychic scams method to ruin the very good names of these gifted people, not everyone is fake. Some have gone into the field for money, others for glory, and a rather small number because they are truly called and want to help others.

So what if some money is involved. Psychics need to survive as well and to continue to offer their services to those in need. Have you given a thought on how they are going to pay for their phone bills for those phone sessions with you, maintenance of their websites, FEDEX bills for sending over books and readings? Otherwise I would never be able to continue to receive their guidance.

hand-heart2I have the good faith of personally crossing path with several psychics and I’ve chosen to be a follower of Susan Miller and Maria Duval. In time to come I will reveal more of my encounter with various psychics, clairvoyants and Maria Duval.

I’m not dependent on psychics to run my life or been taken advantage of, but I’m just a true believer of what the spiritual world can offer. I combined this to my daily life to take advantage to live a very fulfilled and happy life. One can avoid scams with some intiution and logical thinking.

Meanwhile have a blessed day fill with happiness…

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