Maria Duval Talisman

A couple of years ago I was given a very beautiful golden talisman from Maria Duval. I kept the magnitized talisman in a section of my purse for both protection and luck.

talisman-15I have not misused the talisman by bringing along for lottos or playing the Powerball. I’m not out for riches. I do not expect a talisman to suddenly bring me millions and millions of dollars. When I said ‘luck’ I was not referring to winning millions.

Since having the Maria Duval talisman in my possession I’ve been extremely lucky. I am blessed with a good job, one that offers me the job security and many more opportunities for advancement. I earn good money to be able to afford a nice cosy house, a car, some savings and to go for vacations twice a year. My family is happy. My relationship with my boyfriend is progressing well. I have good relationships with my siblings, co-workers and friends. I’m in good health. 

When Maria Duval offered the talisman to me, she said changes awaits me in the future and my dearest wishes will come true.  Whether it’s coincidental or not, Maria Duval talisman has indeed progressively bought me a life of great changes in this last 3 years.


Being happy and contented with life is definitely worth a million times more than winning millions. Be realistic with your wishes and you will get it what you want. Expect heaven then do not say it’s a scam when you don’t get it.

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  1. how can give me the adresse or phone number to contact maria Duval….
    It’s verry URGENT!!!!
    you can mail it on my mail adresse


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