Maria Duval locating missing people

Few years ago I used to love to watch this program over at Discovery Channel. I don’t remember the program name but I think it’s Psychic Witness. The program features every week different psychic who have helped the police in locating missing people. The story line usually goes that psychic help is usually seek when families becomes very desperate when police fail to make any headway in locating people who have been reporting missing. 

Often dismissed as mumbo jumbo or scams by the police, these psychics eventully win the trust of the police with their amazing and accurate abilities in locating missing people. The investigators are normally blown away on the accuracy of the location given by the psychic where the missing person can be found. Sometimes they are found alive, but more often dead.

The one thing that stuck me many times were most of the psychic almost experience the same thing… they feel the terror of the person before their life is snuff out of them. Often the psychics feels exhausted and painful after a seance. 

Maria Duval has also been credited of locating several missing people. Below is what I have managed to find from the archives.  Among them were Mrs Guibourg from Saint Tropez whose husband has engaged Maria Duval’s help after police failed to locate her. Maria Duval used her pendulum to determine the exact spot as according to the article that I have found.  


Here’s another’s proof of Maria Duval work in 1977. She helped to locate a 79 year old man.


With this please do not dismissed psychics as scams. Maria Duval does indeed have clairvoyant abilities.

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