Maria Duval in person

Scroll the website for Maria Duval and you are bound to come across fraud watchdogs, fraud protection groups or organizations cautioning about responding to Maria Duval offers. Some caution about receiving letters or advertisement from Maria Duval offering to solve their problems and fulfilling their wishes for FREE OF CHARGE.
Some says the people behind Astroforce are behind the scams, some says a company Harmonie Ltd based in Hong Kong is the culprit. Anyway if you look carefully, most of the post or warnings are outdated….1994, 2002 etc.

Whether or not such claims exist back then, I know that Maria Duval as a person sincerely helps those who are in need. I recently chance upon some recent photos of Maria Duval taken from recent press conferences. Would Maria Duval appear in person giving press interviews if she is a scam? I see pictures of a kind and serene person instead. Judge for yourself….




2 Responses

  1. Yeah, i agree there are many whistle blowers around all pretending to be “good”, but in actual fact, they have their own selfish motives. Sadly most people are too susceptible to the media spins than to see through the plot of these purveyors. This Dr Terry Polevoy is a classic example. What has Maria Duval got to do with him? Yes, I believe no one is as clean as a white A4 paper, as does Maria Duval, who at least did her refunds to me a couple of times in 2008, when i find her talismans not really suitable for me. That’s it. I never went around framing and accusing her, which is also why I don’t understand what’s the motive of this Dr Terry Polevoy. Go Google his name and you’ll understand truly what kind of person he is.

  2. thanks cathy for your comments. this will be my next topic.

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